3rd Street Asylum

The 3rd Street Asylum was originally constructed in 1918 in the Kansas City area. It is said the Hoffine family of Bonner Springs financed construction in order to provide care for an ailing family member who had succumbed to a violent madness. By 1925 the asylum was housing the most dangerous and violent of the criminally insane for the entire Midwestern region. The most famous resident of 3rd Street Asylum was the Butcher of Bonner Springs. In 1982, the Butcher of Bonner Springs escaped and the 3rd Street Asylum permanently closed in 1983. Now you can experience the 3rd Street Asylum for yourself and come face to face with the Butcher of Bonner Springs!

Location: 3rd and Cedar, Bonner Springs, KS

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: $25

Website: Click Here

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