A Haunter’s Holiday

The same yard haunters that brought the Disturbed Souls Yard Haunt to Jeffersontown present an Old Fashioned Griswald Family Christmas!

Just barely two months ago, the yard of Shawn Pulliam and Kristy Ferrell at 3702 Marlin Drive in Jeffersontown was filled with terrifying monsters and glowing ghosts, but now it’s lit up with an entirely different kind of spirit. This Halloween obsessed couple doesn’t do anything small. After offering a free neighborhood haunted yard for brave trick-or-treaters this Halloween, Pulliam and Ferrell have now put up a Christmas display that would make Clark Griswald envious.

“We’ve got over 20 inflatables and 37 classic Christmas blow molds on display in various themed areas,” says Pulliam. “We’ve also got an electric light show synchronized to Christmas music and a holiday themed movie theater playing Christmas specials on the garage wall.”

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” was playing on the garage when I visited them on Christmas Eve. I don’t think Pulliam and Ferrell are the only Halloween fanatics in town that love Christmas with equal measure. The creative flame that drives haunters to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on their elaborate Halloween displays is still burning after October fades away, and Christmas is their next chance to light up the night and put on a show that inspires a completely different kind of shock and awe.

You’ll find a life size Santa and his sleigh as well as a 20 foot, giant reindeer. There’s a frozen Arctic area and a Christmas blow mold area, a nativity scene, a giant Frosty the Snowman, and of course, a 20 foot Grinch peeking in from the backyard. There’s even an outhouse if the cold weather causes you to feel nature’s call, but it seems to always be occupied by a bearded fat man in a red suit.

An Old Fashioned Griswald Family Christmas will be on display every night between now and January 1st from 6PM until 11PM at 3702 Marlin Drive in Eastern Jefferson County.

The Phantom of The Ville

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