A Truly Unique Haunted Experience

As many of you know, there are more things to do in the Louisville area than you can shake a stick at. However, if you are looking for a truly unique experience unlike anything else found anywhere in the country…well, Louisville’s got that too! It’s the one, the only Danger Run.

The Danger Run is an attraction that has called Louisville home for over 17 years and is one of the oldest Halloween attractions in town (and one of the older ones in the country). It is also one of the most widely known. People have driven as far as Texas just to go on the Danger Run. In fact, one year a group of college students at Gonzaga drove across the country to do the Danger Run. In case you didn’t know, Gonzaga is a university in the state of Washington!

Why are all these people going all of this way just to do a Halloween attraction? Well, if you’re from Louisville then you don’t realize that you can’t find another event even similar to Danger Run in any other city or town ANYWHERE. It is one of a kind! So when they say the one and only, they mean the one and ONLY! It is an all-inclusive haunted attraction that is designed to give you an entire night of haunted entertainment AND give you the absolute biggest bang for your buck.

Think about it! The Danger Run gives you admission to the Danger Run adventure game (which is INCREDIBLY fun by itself!); it gives you admission to TWO $20 haunted houses (TOTAL $40 VALUE); you get a free cheeseburger from DQ Grill & Chill; you get free vampire fangs; AND if you have 4 or more people in your car you also get $10 in gas from Speedway! You get ALL of that for only $16.99 per person! That’s a value that is unequal to ANYTHING we have EVER seen!

So what is it and why is it so special? The Danger Run is a haunted scavenger hunt-style game that you play in your car with your friends. You go to one of the three area starting locations (Lowe’s on Dixie Hwy, Lowe’s on Hurstbourne Pkwy, or Lowe’s on Veterans Pkwy) to start the Danger Run. You will be floored by their attention to detail. You are first told to tune your radio to an AM channel which they have set-up to help explain the Danger Run to you. This is something you would expect to get at Disney World or Universal Studios, not at a haunted attraction in Louisville, Kentucky!

As the radio broadcast goes over everything about the Danger Run, you are approached by their seasoned employees that know this event like the back of their hand. In fact, we have been told that most of the people working at the Danger Run have been involved for anywhere from 5+ years to 16 years. That is incredible dedication to stay with an event for this amount of time! They take care of EVERY aspect for you and make sure you thoroughly understand the event. They welcome questions and they cover every angle of the event. And from personal experience, they will even offer you a hint or two to get started!

At that point, you get your book of clues and then you’re off! The object is to solve the clues and make as few mistakes (wrong turns) as possible. They are able to tell how close you are to the exact mileage of the course based on the mileage you put on your car. If you’re under or over, they will know it! By solving the clues correctly, you will find your way to TWO of Louisville’s BEST haunted houses. You don’t pay any extra once you get there! Your Danger Run ticket INCLUDES the haunted destinations that you find! PLUS, if you solve all the clues without making a ton of mistakes you could make it in the TOP 50!

The TOP 50 are the groups that absolutely knocked their Danger Run adventure out of the park. These are the people that barely made any mistakes at all and accumulated almost the exact distance of the course on their car. The TOP 50 are invited back for the Danger Run Finals Party where they will compete for the title of Danger Run Champion. Very cool!

It is crazy to what extreme these guys go through to make the event what it is. They have integrated technology into the event, they base all of their changes to the event on customer feedback, it is a well-oiled machine and a local Louisville attraction that you do not want to miss this Halloween season.

If you are looking for something different, exciting, and probably the best deal in town, Danger Run is what you want to do! Best of all they have 12 different courses which means you can go on it 12 different times and get a different experience! The courses all have the same haunts, but the change the haunts up every year to give you a whole new experience every year! Check out this one of a kind haunt! More information for this event can be found at dangerrun.com.

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