Actor’s Theater

When the house lights go down a special viewer watches the performance in anticipation. In 1970, an actress from Louisville named Pamela Brown Anderson, her husband and a friend decided to be the first people to cross the Atlantic Ocean by balloon. Unfortunately, by day two things started going terribly wrong. One thing after another caused the trio to radio a distress call that they were going to make an emergency landing in the sea, but nothing was ever found but pieces of the wreckage. When Actor’s Theater was established one year later, it was Pamela’s brother, John Y. ¬†Brown that donated a generous gift to help get the theater going. He also hoped that Actor’s would be a small reminder of the beloved sister he lost. So if you look hard enough, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the renowned actress watching over the performances right along with you.

Scream Queen

Location: 316 W Main St Louisville, KY

Price: Depends upon the show

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