Black Orchard Haunted House – Most Twisted Haunt

After Silas was captured by the police for murder, consumption, and sale of human body, his highly esteemed, and deeply religious brothers Stitch and Theodore are called to restore the damage done to the family, and reclaim the family business. Brother Stitch made the decision to leave his deep South congregation with his brother Theodore to guide his family on the greater path. Many of his loyal congregation followed with the promise of steady work and food. When it became apparent that there was not enough work or food to go around, Brother Theodore and half the congregation separated within the compound due to a difference of opinion in how to maintain and thrive in their new home. While Stitch tried to run the business legally and fairly, Theodore looked to the vultures occupying the old barn for inspiration. Theodore ordered his followers to follow the birds in search of food and eat the scraps they left behind. They came to the conclusion that these birds were sent from the higher to guide them on their path to salvation. Theodore began to see that Silas, while crude in his ways, may have been on to something all along. Flesh is the key to open the gates of eternal wealth, and the family shall give the messengers from the higher plenty. Over time, madness and hunger drove Brother Stitch and his sect to see things eye to eye with his brother. He uses his charm and charisma to cover up the murders of the locals that are sacrificed to the birds, and thus Chapter Two begins.

Location: 704 Kentucky St, Shelbyville, KY

Dates: Sept 10 – Oct 30, 2021

Price: $25

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