Bloodshed Mini Haunt Review (Franklin, KY) 2015

One of our Nashville emissaries, the beautiful and infamous, Countess Bathory, takes a look at a gritty little haunt in Franklin, KY called Bloodshed!

Greetings, haunt fans from all over the region (and regions beyond!), it’s The Phantom of the Ville here to introduce you to one of our ghastly emissaries from the Nashville area, Countess Bathory! When not practicing her favorite method of anti-aging skin care by partaking in bloody bubble baths, Bathory enjoys hitting all the best haunted attractions in and near the country music capital of the world. Without further ado, here is Bathory’s mini haunt review of Bloodshed at 608 S Main Street in Franklin, KY 42134.

Set against the small town and hidden woods of Franklin, Ky, is a shredding newcomer to the haunt industry. Brought to you by a haunt and effects company called Horror Industries, who started as a small Michael Myers/”Halloween” inspired haunt in Bowling Green, KY in 2001, Horror Industries eventually created the acclaimed haunted house, The Massacre, in 2010. Springing from the bloody well that birthed The Massacre, now arises Bloodshed from the murky depths of the crimson abyss.

The name says it all. Bloodshed takes a decidedly aggressive stance on haunt acting, as the highly aggressive all male cast shows off its talents for “power tool table diving” and giving “chainsaw pedicures.”   It’s a creative, interactive experience sure to shake your soul and possibly cause you to soil your drawers.

I traveled down a lonely gravel road to what looked like a deserted parking lot in front of some abandoned farmland outbuildings and empty semi-trailers. As I got out of my car, I noticed a musty smell of sawdust, staleness and machinery. The ticket booth was in a construction trailer at the front of the parking lot. Once you purchase your tickets, you are taken to an old shed where a single church pew awaits. There you will be shown a short film that tells you the history of the Bloodshed and explains the rules of the haunt.

It was indeed scary. Their shtick is mostly about killing; killing women in particular, but I assume that they are equal opportunity murderers! It took about 15 minutes to go through Bloodshed, including the watching of the short film. This haunt has a plausible back story, a custom musical score and unflinching actors who will not break character. Their website (  promises scares unlike that of other attractions and with that they definitely deliver.

Bloodshed will be open for murder business Friday and Saturday nights through Halloween from 7 PM until the last guest gets put through the meat grinder. Tickets are $15.

Review by Bathory

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