Boo La-La Halloween Ball

It’s Halloween, that mystical time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Through that veil, the spirit of the Parks rise up and ask for our help. They remind us that we share in the stewardship of the stunningly-beautiful Olmsted Parks system and through our collaboration and care, Mother Nature is able to work her magic.

Boo La La is Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s most important fundraiser as it raises critical funds to support our work in three key areas: historic restoration, environmental protection and community well-being.

So climb aboard and tighten your seat belt, there is much to look forword to in 2016! We don’t want this party-flight to take-off without you on board, so secure your sponsorship now! Your support will help help us continue to support our treasured Olmsted Parks and Parkways.

Ghosts and goblins are gossiping. Witches and wizards are whispering. The news is spreading like an outbreak of zombies. We are excited to announce the 2016 Boo La La Halloween Ball will be held at a fabulous new venue and has a rocking new band!

New Venue: The Louisville Executive Aviation Hangar at Bowman Field! This venue offers plenty of space for imaginations to soar; we have no doubt Boo La La Halloween Ball will reach new heights.
New Band: Groove Essential, a fantastic band out of Indianapolis.
A Costume Contest sponsored by Wakefield Reutlinger Realtors.
And a New Honor: Boo La La was named “Louisville’s Best Costume Party” by NFocus Magazine! We give full credit for this award to our fantastic guests and sponsors who bring such an incredible level of enthusiasm and creativity to the Ball each year.


Boo La La guests will receive 20% off purchases at Nitty Gritty, Elizabeth’s Timeless Attire and Caufield’s Novelty! Please present your ticket purchase receipt or invitation when checking out.

Location: 421 W Market St. Louisville, KY

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: $250 (includes dinner) or $75 for after dinner party

Website: Click Here

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