Carriers (2009)

Carriers is an awesome movie that reminds me a little of 28 Weeks Later. It's about a highly contagious disease that is spreading across the nation.  But in this case, the infected don't become zombies.  They are struck with a terminal illness where their skin rots from the inside out. To spice things up the disease is airborne in which it can spread through blood, saliva, and breath. The movie follows a group of four set out in pursuit of uninfected civilization. Among the group are two brothers each accompanied by their girlfriend.  Because of the disease's extreme nature, they are each equipped with hospital masks to breathe into while in close range of the infected.  The short term goal: to keep on the move and hope not to run out of gas.  The movie does a great job at keeping your attention, there are few dull scenes.  And the acting from the brothers is believable and dramatic. The sibling rivalry emotionally drives the story.  Although I wish this movie would have included more guts and gore.  Its probably more drama/thriller, than horror.  But it's well written and definately worth the watch.


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