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Danger Runs Explores the “Legend at Pope Lick” this Halloween!

Danger Run

For the first time this year, Danger Run allows players to choose which two of four major haunts they wan [more…]

Danger Run: The Nest and Pongo’s Revenge Reviews 2015

Danger Run taps into our primal fears in TWO brand new, original haunts this Halloween!

After the screams faded and its 20th Anniversary season came to a close last Halloween, Danger Run[more…]

For the First Time in its 21 Year History, Danger Run will unleash its Own Exclusive New Haunted Attractions!

Danger Run is set to unveil two new terrifying haunted attractions for Danger Run customers ONLY! PLUS one monstrous finale haunt!

Halloween 2015 will represent a whole new era for Louisville’s own [more…]

Danger Run XX: Rhyming Riddles, Back Road Jaunts and for Twenty Bucks You Get THREE Haunts!

Louisville Halloween’s EXCLUSIVE Preview of Danger Run’s Twentieth Anniversary!

“I want to give them away but my wife won’t let me!” (Ma [more…]

Danger Run 2013 Review

The most fun you’ve EVER had in your car delivers twice the haunts, twice the fear and twice the value in 2013!

Thanks to my new GPS (Ghostly Positioning System), I have finally successfull [more…]

Double the Haunts, Double the Horror, Double the Fun on Danger Run!

A unique Louisville area Halloween tradition, the Danger Run – The Most Fun You’ve EVER Had In Your Car, is refueling with major upgrades in 2013!

For the last 19 years, Danger Run fans from near and far ha [more…]

The Devils Attic Preview 2013!

Climb the Dark Stairway into Louisville’s Most Haunted Attic
to Discover the Horrors in Store for Foolish Mortals in the Devil’s Attic this


Danger Run: Spooks Run Wild All Across The Ville!

Follow My Phantom Hearse Across the Entire City (and Beyond) as I Decipher Clues, Brave Haunted Houses and Eat Cheeseburgers on Louisville’s Most Unique Halloween Adventure!

Good Evening, Haunt Fans, it’s The Phantom of th [more…]