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Charity and Yard Haunted Houses

In Louisville, there are a variety of levels of haunted houses. Outside the professional haunts, there are a number of groups putting together charity haunted houses. There are others that love Halloween as much as we do and build their own haunted house for trick-or-treating right in their own back yard! There are so many sights to see!

LMPD 1st Division Family Fright Night

The LMPD will host a Family Fright Night here at the 1st Division. The interior of the building will be transformed into a “haunted hospital” while the outside waiting area will be a “trick or treat” route with several community sponsors/partners pa [more…]

Location: 416 N. 29th Street Lou KY

Dates: Oct 28, 2018, 4PM-7PM

Price: Free

Disturbed Souls Yard Haunt in J-Town

Fun in the front, Frightful in the back. Disturbed Souls is a family friendly haunt for all ages! Trick or treaters will enjoy the lights and candy in the front yard then those that dare will venture into the back yard through the haunted theatre to [more…]

Location: 3702 Marlin Drive Louisville, Ky

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: FREE

FFA Field of Terror

7 acre corn maze hosted by the Thomas Nelson and Nelson County FFA Chapters in Bardstown Kentucky. This years path is 1.5 miles in length and will take you about 45 minutes to see the entire haunted attraction. We have about 60 ghouls and goblins hau [more…]

Location: 2885 New Shepherdsville Road Bardstown, KY

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: $10

Haunted Necropolis on Crown Top

Outdoor haunt of over 20 years, Located in the Barbourmeade Neighborhood,and since 2005 has grown to include many animated props. The haunt grows each year to include new props and enhancements to previous years props. New for 2014 is a “The Weeping [more…]

Location: 7810 Crown Top Rd, Louisville, KY

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: FREE – bring a nonperishable food item

Haunted Woods

For over 20 years, the Pepper Upper Club has been organizing a haunted trail that is put together as a fundraiser. The members of the group each get their own area to decorate and they really put a lot of thought and effort into making this a surpris [more…]

Location: US 60, 2.5 miles west of Hamburg, IN

Dates: Oct 19-20, 2018

Price: $15

Hetzer Haunted House

The Hetzer Haunted House is a free home haunted house that is put on every year on Halloween night. From the pictures we’ve seen, this is quite a haunt for something that is completely free to check out. If you are looking for something new and inter [more…]

Location: 6615 North Dr, Louisville, KY 40272

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: FREE

Lassiter Haunted Trail

This is a large haunted trail hosted by Lassiter Middle School in Louisville, KY. This is a charity event held on the grounds of Lassiter Middle School in Louisville, KY in which all proceeds go to help families in the community that are struggling. [more…]

Location: 8200 Candleworth Dr Louisville, KY

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: $10

Pirates of PRP Yard Haunt

Pirates of PRP is an amazing yard haunt that has all handmade detailed props. From mermaids, a pirate bar, jails and the crowning jewel a ship! This is a free attraction that is kid and family friendly . It is based off the ride created by Walt Disne [more…]

Location: 9007 Seaforth Drive, Louisville KY

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: FREE

Twisted Silver Yard Haunt

This is a free yard haunt located on the corner of Silver and Locust in New Albany, Indiana. They have been haunting and terrorizing this neighborhood for the last 12 years. It is a yard haunt that you don’t want to miss. It’s a lot of fun, scary and [more…]

Location: 1015 Silver Street New Albany,IN

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: FREE

The Dunkirk Massacre

The Dunkirk Massacre is a LARGE Yard haunt located in Valley Station( Valley Village), near the LG&E plant. Warning: uses fog machines and strobes. If you want candy and a good scare, go by on Halloween night to the Dunkirk Massacre. [more…]

Location: 7115 Dunkirk Ln. Valley Station, KY

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: FREE

The Boneyard

Free haunted house for trick or treaters. Sat. Oct. 29th through Mon. Oct. 31st 7pm-10pm Camden Manor Neighborhood in Crestwood. Professionally designed mini haunt display with elaborate sets, props and special effects. Don’t miss it! [more…]

Location: 5305 Old Herring Place, Crestwood, KY

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: FREE

Yard of Terror

Yard of Terror has been providing scares to the Louisville community for over 9 ?years and provides a safe, fun and scary Halloween experience for visitors of all ages! Venture through their haunted graveyard, past an evil butcher, through a delightf [more…]

Location: 156 Big Wood Way Louisville, KY

Dates: Halloween

Price: FREE

Dungeon Of Doom/Crimson CarnEvil at duPont Manual High School

Join us for the 3rd Annual Dungeon of Doom/Crimson CarnEvil at DuPont Manual High School on October 7th. Come to the small gym to purchase tickets. It is located in the parking lot behind the school directly across the street from U of L off Cardina [more…]

Location: DuPont Manual High School, Louisville, KY

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: $15 but 2 for $20 with coupon on website

Maze of Mania

Come if you dare to the Maze of Mania. They are operating this year on the Saturday before Halloween and on Halloween night. This is the fifth year they have been in operation. Many have said that the haunt tops many that you pay for and it is no c [more…]

Location: 10600 Bayport Road Louisville, KY

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: FREE

Deathly Holler

Deathly Holler haunted attraction has been a growing haunted house for 5 years , this year we are opening to the public for one night only for a great price entry is only 3$!! This haunted house will have you on your toes around every twist and turn [more…]

Location: John Paul Ct Louisville,Ky

Dates: 2018 TBA

Price: $3