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Scary Places & Haunt Tours

As lovers of Halloween, we have a fascination with the paranormal and anything SCARY. We love learning about local legends, folklore and haunted places. There are so many tales in the region surrounding Louisville, Kentucky that we try to research and explore whenever possible. There are also some great ghost tours you can check out to learn about many of these yourself!

Legend of Pope Lick – Horror Hike

In every urban legend, there is a cornerstone of truth, and every true story has a beginning—This story begins with a man who called himself Colonel Beauregard Schildknecht, although there is no record of evidence that he ever serv [more…]

Location: Pope Lick Park, 4002 S Pope Lick Rd, Louisville, KY

Admission: $20 per person for Horror Hike

Culbertson Mansion

Culbertson Mansion was built in 1867 by the richest man in Indiana, William Culbertson. Located on the premises are the beautiful mansion and the carriage house. The mansion itself has been rumored for years to be haunted. William was married three t [more…]

Location: 914 E Main St, New Albany, IN

Admission: Adults $7, Seniors $5, Children and Students $2, Children under 3 get in for free

The Seelbach Hotel

A hotel as old as The Seelbach is bound to have a few skeletons in the closet or running around the halls. Opened in 1905 with a whopping $1 million spent on marble, bronze and rugs from around the globe, The Seelbach became an instant success. Many [more…]

Location: 500 S 4th St, Louisville, KY 40202

Admission: $$$

Jefferson Community College

This structure was originally constucted in 1903 to house the Louisville Prebyterian Theological Seminary. In 1968 it was remodeled and became Jefferson Community College. The ghost that walks these halls is believed to be Lucy Sites Barrett. It was [more…]

Location: 109 East Broadway

Admission: N/A

Henry Vogt Mansion

A jilted lover and suicide surround this once prominent mansion. Built in the late 1800’s by Henry Vogt, this mansion has had its fair share of ghost stories. The most tragic is the story of a young bride. When the home still belonged to the Vogt’s, [more…]

Location: 223 East Broadway

Admission: N/A

The Brown Hotel

You may not get a restful night’s sleep if you stay at The Brown Hotel. Stories have been told of Mr. Brown and his loveable poodle Woozem. When Woozem was deserted by the circus, Mr. Brown adopted the dog and lavished it with actual silver spoons. I [more…]

Location: 335 W Broadway, Louisville, KY

Admission: Cost of the room

Actor’s Theater

When the house lights go down a special viewer watches the performance in anticipation. In 1970, an actress from Louisville named Pamela Brown Anderson, her husband and a friend decided to be the first people to cross the Atlantic Ocean by balloon. U [more…]

Location: 316 W Main St Louisville, KY

Admission: Depends upon the show

The Original Highlands Ghost Tour

Join the Original Highlands Ghost Tour as we explore the history & haunts of one of Louisville’s oldest and most eclectic neighborhoods. Tours are scheduled every Friday and Saturday night at 8:00 p.m., and depart from Molly Malone’s on Baxter Aven [more…]

Location: 933 Baxter Avenue Louisville, KY

Dates: May-Nov, 8:00-9:30PM

Admission: $15 Adults, $10 Children

Sleepy Hollow

No, not the headless horseman story. Sleepy Hollow is a road that is so isolated and dark that the only light to guide you is your headlights and the moon. The tree line casts creepy shadows over the road so that it is hard to see anything else.The [more…]

Location: Oldham County, KY

Admission: N/A

Speed Art Museum

The Speed Art Museum was established by Harriet (Hattie) Bishop speed, the second wife of JB Speed, in 1927. It was created as a memorial for her late husband who never loved her quite as much as her loved his first wife, Cora. Hattie was always ve [more…]

Location: Louisville, KY

Admission: Free, $4 donation is encouraged.

Joe’s Older Than Dirt

We all know of Joe’s Older Than Dirt in Lyndon. Many of us have probably been there.  But what most of us didn’t know is that it’s haunted.  Workers will be there late at night after closing and will hear chairs moving, and unexplained voices. So [more…]

Location: Lyndon, KY

Admission: No cover charge

Eastern Cemetery

Most of us have heard of Eastern Cemetery becuase of all the times it has made local news. This cemetery has been used to bury bodies since 1843. Iit was brought to light that there were coffins stacked as many as five deep when they started stickin [more…]

Location: Louisville, KY

Admission: N/A

Hot Rod Haven

The story tells of a young girl and boy that that died on their way to a dance.  Hot Rod Haven is actually a part of Mitchell Hill Road. Mitchell Hill Road has a stretch that is winding and twisting with short straight-aways and curves. It was a ver [more…]

Location: Mitchell Hill Road, Louisville Ky

Admission: N/A

Bardstown Ghost Trek

Just a short drive from the Ville in beautiful Bardstown, KY is a another paranormal ghost tour. This is a ghost tour given by a very well known paranormal investigator named Patti Starr. Patti has been featured on BBC, A&E, among others! The Paranor [more…]

Location: 116 W. Stephen Foster Ave Bardstown, KY

Dates: Nightly, 7:30PM

Admission: $15.00

The Spirits of La Grange

This ghost tour is a little outside of Louisville, but it is a short drive for a great ghost tour. The 1 ½ hour lantern-lit walking ghost tour will take you inside three locations with about eight stops along the way for a distance of 12 blocks. Bri [more…]

Location: Oldham County History Center, LaGrange, KY

Dates: Thursdays in Oct, 7:00PM

Admission: $15

The Story Inn

A little outside of Louisville near Brown County,IN is the town of Story. Story, IN is one of the smallest towns I have ever encountered. Story, IN literally consists of one city block. On this block is the Story Inn. The Story Inn has multiple style [more…]

Location: Story, IN

Admission: Accommodation prices vary

Palace Theatre

There is a haunted legend to the Palace Theatre that dates back to the 1990s restoration and reopening. It was during this time that workers began to see a man at a variety of places around the building. An older man, wearing work clothes, his hair i [more…]

Location: Palace Theatre Louisville, KY

Admission: Depends upon the show

The Captain’s Tomb

Located a mile down from Horseshoe Casino, the Captain’s Tomb has long been seen as a haunted location in the Metro area. Halloween night on the Ohio: Listen closely and you may hear the breath of Captain Frances McHarry, an old steamboat captain in [more…]

Location: Elizabeth, IN

Admission: N/A

The Witch’s Castle

The Legend of the Witch’s Castle is that you can here a little girl laughing in the woods and loud thumps. People have seen a white mist moving very fast in what looked like the living room, but only the foundation and a fire place remain of the main [more…]

Location: Utica, IN

Admission: N/A

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

If you are from Louisville, then you are VERY familiar with Waverly Hills. Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an old TB Hospital that has seen thousands of deaths in its day. Waverly has been featured on World’s Scariest Places and it is definitely one of t [more…]

Location: 4400 Paralee Lane Louisville, KY

Admission: Private tours available