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Escape Games

New to Louisville in 2015, the escape game phenomenon took Louisville by storm. What is an escape game? An escape game is a game in which you solve clues and puzzles to figure your way out of a situation, often the idea is to breakout of a room within 60 minutes. Of course, Louisville is also home to the Danger Run, which while not an escape ROOM it is a clue solving game where you find your way IN to haunted houses. In a way, Louisville was the home of escape-style games long before the latest surge! So, if you are looking for a real-life adventure escape game, take a look at what Louisville has to offer!

From Poltergeists to Puzzles

John DenleyWe interview John Denley, CEO of Escape Room International, to learn more about his unique, revolutionary ta [more…]

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Sherlock the Game is Now

We interview Nick Moran, creative director of Sherlock: The Game is Now, to learn about a London esca [more…]

A Day at an Intriguing Museum

Museum of IntrigueWe interview Nicole Ginsburg, co-owner of the Museum of Intrigue, to learn about one of the most [more…]

Locked In

Locked In is a national level escape room that is currently in development in Louisville. It hasn’t opened yet, but will in the near future. Check here to follow updates on the Locked In escape game! [more…]

Location: 521 S 4th St Louisville, KY

Dates: Daily

Admission: Not yet announced

Breakout Louisville

Breakout Escape games are the most established of the Louisville escape rooms. They were the first of the escape rooms to enter the Louisville area. Each Breakout Game is a real?life escape room adventure for a small group. Work together as a team to [more…]

Location: 1805 Cargo Ct Louisville, KY

Dates: Open 7 days a week

Admission: $24

C. R. Escape Zone

You wake up and find your self in Dr. Tom’s evil lab. He had been working to find a cure for TNS7 but was fired before he could finish the cure. Now he’s turned the cure into a medicine that turns people into strong, obedient zombies that will fo [more…]

Location: 4403 Hamburg Pike Jeffersonville, IN

Dates: Fri & Sat, 11A-9:30P

Admission: $22

Danger Run® – The Most Fun You’ve EVER Had In Your Car!

Danger Run® is a game played in the car where you will be solving clues to find REAL haunted places around town. You will uncover some of scariest places that you never knew existed! What you will discover at these haunted locations is something eve [more…]

Location: Lowe’s on Hurstbourne Pkwy, Dixie Hwy or Veterans Pkwy

Dates: OCT 1 – 31, 2021

Admission: $29.99 carload