Danger Run 2013 Review

The most fun you’ve EVER had in your car delivers twice the haunts, twice the fear and twice the value in 2013!

Thanks to my new GPS (Ghostly Positioning System), I have finally successfully completed Danger Run and survived to write about it. The roads traveled this year are the spookiest ever; you’ll be taken off the beaten path and onto the foggy back roads of the Louisville landscape. You may even pass through the lair of the Pope Lick Monster himself!

As you may already be aware, Danger Run has partnered with FOUR haunted houses this year that have never been included on Danger Run before, making it possible to have multiple completely different experiences on different nights. Even though you can start online this year, if you choose to, and drive the routes anytime you like, the haunts are only open on Friday and Saturday nights. So you have two weekends left of the prime haunting season to play Danger Run twice and experience all four haunts.

The regular Lowe’s starting gates (http://www.dangerrun.com/danger-run-locations ) are open Friday and Saturday nights on October 18th and 19th and October 25th and 26th from 7PM until 11PM. The haunted houses are open from 8PM until 2AM.

Danger Run is really the best deal you’ll find for Halloween entertainment this year. One ticket is $19.95 ($18.95 online), which gets you TWO haunted houses, buy-one-get-one-free Dairy Queen cheeseburgers, FREE vampire teeth and a $10 FREE gas card from Speedway if you have at least four people in your party. If you’re really good at clue solving and precise driving, you may also win some really big prizes come November.

I’ve braved all four of the haunts on Danger Run this season, and I can tell you there is quite a variety of completely different scare tactics on display to experience in 2013. In fact, since we’re midway into October now, I can offer you a few clues and spoilers as to what you might expect on your haunted adventure. Two of the haunts are outdoor haunts; one haunted forest trail and one cornfield maze. The other two are indoor haunts; one with a specific theme and the other more of an old school, variety spook house. One of the included haunts is my favorite haunt of 2013!

The clues this year are funny and clever, and the routes are some of my favorite ever devised by the Danger Run crew, mostly because less time is spent on major highways and more time on spooky, desolate back roads.

What are just some of the things you might see on your Danger Run adventure? A chrome 1950’s style diner, a spooky railroad trestle that’s home to an urban legend, a 20 foot skull headed creature, a Hellmouth, a haunted cornfield, a blue-glowing transparent ghost, a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard, a creepy cemetery, a water tower, a voodoo priestess, an abandoned shack by a misty lake, a chainsaw maniac, a mermaid, a kid wearing vampire teeth—and much, much more.

You get all of this for about the price of one haunted attraction. It’s a no brainer, even for zombies! I’ll be back soon with even more haunted attraction reviews and Halloween news!

The Phantom of The Ville

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