Danger Run XX: Rhyming Riddles, Back Road Jaunts and for Twenty Bucks You Get THREE Haunts!

Louisville Halloween’s EXCLUSIVE Preview of Danger Run’s Twentieth Anniversary!

“I want to give them away but my wife won’t let me!” (Mad Man Mac, Sun TV, circa Louisville 1970’s)

Anyone reading this who is old enough to remember Mad Man Mac’s Sun TV commercials, which ran nearly perpetually in the mid 1970’s on WDRB-41, can probably relate to the reason why Mad Man Mac’s catch phrase slogan keeps running through my mind when I think about the mad geniuses behind the 20th Anniversary for Danger Run this Halloween.

The ghostly trio of Joe Bulleit, Mike Kimzey and Michael Book are the certifiably insane owner/operators behind one of Louisville’s longest enduring and most unique Halloween events, Danger Run, which will be offering the greatest Halloween value of its 20 year history for Halloween 2014. Twenty dollars gets you a ticket to the classic “spook run” and admission to THREE of Louisville’s best haunted attractions!

“We wanted to do something special for the twentieth anniversary for the loyal Danger Run fans,” says Michael Book. “We spent a lot of time over the last year discussing ideas for making this year the most special in Danger Run history, and this is finally what we came up with.”

Danger Runners are accustomed to following rhyming clues across the city that ultimately lead to two different haunted houses, but this year there will be a third bonus haunt included with admission at no additional charge.

“The clue books will lead you to the two haunted houses just like usual,” says Book. “That’s still the main goal of the road game, but within the clue books there will be an additional hidden puzzle, like a scavenger hunt, that when solved will give you the location of a third haunted house.”

It’s important to note that you will be able to save your Danger Run ticket and visit the third haunted attraction (or any of the haunted attractions) on a completely different night if you choose. After all, there are only so many hours to solve the clues and make it to the haunted houses per night. Danger Run starting gates open each Friday and Saturday night starting September 19th through November 1st at 7 PM and close at 11 PM. The haunted houses are open those same nights from 8 PM until 2 AM.

The three starting gates are located at Lowe’s: Danger Run East at 501 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Danger Run Southwest at 6651 Dixie Hwy and Danger Run North at 1350 Veterans Pkwy in Clarksville, IN.

That’s not all you get for your $20 either. If there are at least four people in your car, you get a FREE $10 gas card from Speedway which will cover the fuel expenses of the entire course (unless, of course, you get hopelessly lost!). You also get a coupon for Buy-One-Get-One-Free cheeseburgers from DQ Grill & Chill and your very own set of vampire teeth!

There are also a few other extras and specials available that not everybody knows about, so pay attention! If you paint your car windows, letting everyone know you’re on Danger Run (must include the event name!), you get a FREE Danger Run window cling at the starting gate. If you follow Danger Run on Facebook & Twitter, they give away FREE tickets, t-shirts, flashlights and other goodies every Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for those promotions. If you have a valid Student ID, you can save $1 on admission at the starting gates on Friday nights only. If you have a Military ID, you can save $2 on admission at the starting gates any night.

Starting September 19th, you can also purchase tickets and start Danger Run online. Clue books can be printed at home or viewed on digital devices. You can even look into renting a limo for your party at Xtreme Transportation at http://www.xtremetransportation.com/danger-run/.

You probably already know that the top twenty five groups that come the closest to the exact mileage get invited to the Danger Run Finals to compete for huge prizes, including $500 in FREE gas for a year and a bunch of other cool stuff, but you may not have heard about a really cool online video game you can play for FREE that will give you a preview of the Danger Run experience!

Go to http://www.dangerrun.com/virtual-danger-run/MM-DangerRun/test-drive.htm and play the Danger Run Virtual Tour game. You’ll get a taste of solving the type of rhyming clues you’ll find in the clue books and you’ll attempt to navigate a two part course that simulates both the inner city and creepy country back roads you’ll find on the actual spook run.

If you can find a better deal for $20 this Halloween—oh, forget it. There is no better deal this Halloween. Twenty bucks, THREE haunted houses and an evening’s worth of riddles and road adventures! If you miss out on Danger Run this year, you’re probably already dead.

The Phantom of The Ville

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