Death of a Ghosthunter (2007)

I watched this movie simply because it was listed in the horror section of my netflix instant viewing. Seeing as October has arrived, I decided to go ahead and watch it. I’ll admit, once I got past the Blair-Witchish camera work and mediocore acting, I really got drawn in. The actors were raw but I think that added to the realism that the director was looking for. The story is about a ghost hunter that is called in to investigate a possibly haunted house.  She is coupled with a reporter and a camera man.  They are in the house for three nights and everything starts going wild.  For a movie that is Pre-Paranormal Activity, that is exactly what it reminded me of.  I wouldn’t put it up there with Paranormal Activity, but I’ll definetly give it 2 thumbs up for a B-movie.

Scream Queen

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