Deere Farms Corn Mazes

While these corn mazes aren’t haunted, they are still a blast to find your way out of! If you aren’t interested in getting scared and just want to tackle a good maze then Deere Farms is the place for you. They have THREE different corn mazes designed specifically for your skill level. If you’re a starter at corn mazes try the novice maze, if you have done a few before maybe try the intermediate maze, and if you are a maze master try the advanced maze. There are over 22 acres corn with over 8 miles of maze at Deere Farms. Plus any member of the military gets free admission. There is something for everyone at Deere Farms!

Location: 1565 St. John’s Church Road NE Lanesville, IN

Dates: Sept-Oct, 2013

Price: Varies

Website: Click Here

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