Eastern Cemetery

Most of us have heard of Eastern Cemetery becuase of all the times it has made local news. This cemetery has been used to bury bodies since 1843. Iit was brought to light that there were coffins stacked as many as five deep when they started sticking out of the ground.  The condition of the cemetery is dispicable. Volunteers try to upkeep the cemetery, but it seems it is a losing battle.If ever there was a cemetery to haunt, Eastern Cemetery would be it. It is located directly next to Cave Hill Cemetery (also haunted).  It is said that an old lady wanders through the cemetery and tends to the babies gravestones.  It is also rumored that ghosts can be seen wandering through the chapel and around the grounds of the property.
BEWARE: Local authorities keep a watchful eye on the chapel because of vandals and all the media coverage.  DON”T TRESPASS!

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Location: Louisville, KY

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