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New in 2015, Louisville escape rooms took the city by storm. What is an escape room? An escape game is a game in which you solve clues and puzzles to figure your way out of a situation, often the idea is to breakout of a room within a certain amount of time. An escape game can take many forms, they may take place inside or outside.

In fact, escape style games have existed in Louisville far longer than 2015. Louisville is home to a game played in that car where you follow clues and solve puzzles to find your way to haunted houses called the Danger Run. While not an escape ROOM, the concept is very similar and in a way you are solving puzzles to escape your car. For that reason, Louisville was technically the home of escape-style games long before the surge in popularity nationwide.

Now, Louisville is home to escape rooms, Danger Run, outdoor escapes, and even an immersive horror escape. i

Featured Louisville Escape Rooms & Games

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