Fair Warning 2016: The Haunted Mansion

The Kentucky State Fair Midway delivers a new walk thru mini-haunt!

Greetings from the Fairgrounds amidst the August heat and the smell of livestock and the corndog grease pits. It’s the Phantom of Ville continuing our annual tradition of checking out the new trailer rig dark rides that materialize each year at the Kentucky State Fair Midway.

This year I discovered something of a rarity in the world of carnival haunts: an actual walk thru attraction called The Haunted Mansion. Now, let’s be honest, they’re using the term “mansion” in the loosest possible way when referring to a single trailer rig disguised by a lurid carny art facade, but it is one hell of a facade! Dracula! Frankenstein! Ingrid Pitt as Carmilla Karnstein from Hammer’sThe Vampire Lovers”! The Phantom of the Opera! The Grady Twins from “The Shining” and Jack Torrance himself peeking through the entrance door!

You know you want to find out what’s behind that coffin shaped front door. For the sum of $2.50 in Midway tickets, the sweltering hot twisting corridors of The Haunted Mansion are yours to explore at your leisure. First you’ll climb the unsteady staircase in the front parlor to the dark recesses of the main floor where you’ll feel your way through the dark corners, hitting occasional floor panel activation pads that trigger buzzers and light up skeletons and severed heads.

There are no live actors inside The Haunted Mansion, and nothing you see (or don’t see) is going to change your opinion of traveling carnival haunts, but “Halloween” fans might appreciate the cheesy Michael Myers finale.

What else can you ask for in August?

The Phantom of The Ville

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