Fear Fair wants YOU to be their VALENTINE X next weekend, Friday & Saturday, Feb. 10th and 11th!

Valentine X

You’ve got a hot date with cold fear at Fear Fair in Seymour, IN this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Things are heating up for haunt fans this Valentine’s Day weekend in Seymour, IN, Friday & Saturday night, Feb. 10th and 11th from 7 PM until 11 PM when Fear Fair introduces Valentine X, their latest off-season event themed to the hottest holiday of the year. Love will be in the air even if it comes out of a fog machine, and the sounds of earthly passion will give way to the shrieks of the mutilated and the buzz of unbridled chainsaws.

“I think Valentine’s Day creates a lot of pressure on couples to do something special,” says Fear Fair owner/operator Brett Hays, “and inevitably that ends up becoming a big letdown. I thought we could offer up an alternative to the traditional Valentine’s date and give people a night they won’t soon forget.”

“Make your reservations at White Castle,” Hays continues, “have a couple of candlelight sliders, then get down to Fear Fair and get the hell scared out of you. That’s what I call a date night.”

Valentine X

For Valentine X, Hays is teaming up with Massive Noise Marketing which is promoting similar events with some of the biggest haunts in the country. There are actually six Valentine X events taking place next weekend in Denver, Austin, Chicago, Nashville, San Antonio and Seymour, IN. Fear Fair’s new alliance with Massive Noise will also produce future off-season events like “Zombie Apocalypse Live,” “Krampus: A Haunted Christmas” and “Slasher Fest: Friday the 13th.”

“This will be a full show with a cast of between 80 to 85 actors,” says Hays. “The great thing about a limited time event like this one is that a lot of our most experienced alumni actors that have full time jobs and kids, those that can’t commit to a whole haunt season anymore, are coming back for this.”

Expect quite a few changes inside the massive haunt building for Valentine X including extensive changes to the New Orleans/Voodoo section of the haunt.

“We’ve added a new interactive element to this event,” reveals Hays, “and before going in, each guest will be given a heart shaped piece of skin that has been cut off one of the creatures inside with a Valentine message or design on it. As you make your way through the haunt, you’ll be on the lookout for the zombie or creature that has a patch of missing skin on their forehead or on their body somewhere that matches your pound of flesh.”

I had to ask. What happens if you fail to find your carved skin match? Something bad?


Hays was evasive in answering any questions regarding the fate of those who succeed and/or fail in their Valentine X skin quest. That’s a mystery, like the ways of love and romance, you’ll have to solve for yourself next weekend. Tickets are $20 for General Admission and $30 for Fast Pass Admission and can be purchased at the door or in advance at http://valentineshauntedhouses.com/seymour/. Fear Fair is located at 800 A Ave, Seymour, IN 47274.

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