For the First Time in its 21 Year History, Danger Run will unleash its Own Exclusive New Haunted Attractions!

Danger Run is set to unveil two new terrifying haunted attractions for Danger Run customers ONLY! PLUS one monstrous finale haunt!

Halloween 2015 will represent a whole new era for Louisville’s own Danger Run, the only clue solving road game adventure in the country that takes car loads of players on a quest to find three haunted houses as they compete to see who can complete the course closest to the exact required mileage without getting lost or making too many wrong turns.

I had a chance to speak with one of the co-owners and designers of the new, secret haunted attractions, Michael Book, this week about the guarded plans under way at Danger Run Headquarters to make this 21st year a bigger, faster paced and much scarier road adventure than ever before.

“We took a couple of extensive polls during the off season to find out what really scares our customers,” says Book, “and from the results, we selected the TOP 2 phobias to center our designs around.”

“Each of the exclusive haunts,” he continues, “preys on the two things our customers are most afraid of.”

Danger Run will continue to partner with another secret monstrous haunt here in town, but will now create two original haunted attractions that can only be found and experienced by playing Danger Run as a way of offering some frightening new blood to an old favorite.

Book wouldn’t reveal the details of these haunts, but I was able to get the secret codenames to the two new attractions: Pongo’s Revenge and The Nest. I could speculate what each of these may be, but we’ll just have to wait to find out!

“This year, Danger Run will be faster paced, taking you from one haunt to the next quicker, and with shorter wait times at each destination,” says Book. “Another thing we’re changing, which might remind some of our customers of the old Spook Runs, is that at the Start Gate we’re only giving you clues to the first haunt.”

“Your goal will now be to find your next haunt where you’ll get your next set of clues that will lead you to the second haunt, and there you’ll get the last set of clues to the finale attraction.”

Another new twist this year is that the new courses are being designed, and the new riddles being co-written, by last years’ Danger Run Champion, Garry O’Brien. O’Brien, who had been a finalist in past years before finally winning the whole thing in 2014, is a hardcore Danger Run enthusiast who submitted his own fan made Clue Book to co-owner, Joe Bulleit, last year.

“Garry’s fan made Clue Book was so well done, if you hadn’t known the clues weren’t written by us, you could be easily fooled by it,” says Book.

“This year, our new attractions and their secluded locations allowed us to come up with courses that will take our customers down roads they may have never driven before and into areas they’ve never seen,” admits Book. “I’ll just tell you this: These haunts will take you into literally the middle of nowhere.”

Book says that the Danger Run crew is aiming to make the haunts this year scarier than ever before and doesn’t recommend kids under 10 years of age be taken into the haunts themselves. “Danger Run is still a family event, and kids under 10 are FREE to come along for the game, but we don’t recommend taking them through the haunts. Because we expect shorter wait times and quicker throughput this year, it should make it easier for parents to wait with their younger kids while teens and older guests go through the haunts.”

Are you ready to unlock the new terrors that await you on the desolate backroads and lost highways of Louisville’s twisting roadways? Prepare yourself for the all new Danger Run this Halloween!

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