Friday The 13th at Georgetown Drive-In

This Friday is no normal Friday…this Friday is Friday the 13th. To those of us who are a fan of Halloween, Friday the 13th is the next best day! It is a day that is surrounded by a creepy vibe mostly because the horror movie series featuring Jason Voorhees…you know, the guy in the hockey mask. If you are reading this and you are completely clueless who I am talking about you need to stop reading, go to your Netflix or Blockbuster account and rent Friday the 13th. Get the original, not the Michael Bay remake. Not to say that the remake isn’t good, but to really get a good idea of what the movie is all about you need to stick to the originals.

Speaking of the remake, one very cool way to celebrate Friday the 13th is to go to the Georgetown Drive-In and watch the 2009 Friday the 13th on the BIG screen. What is even cooler about the event is that our friends over at Psychomania Theater of Terror will be there with some of their actors to REALLY liven things up. If you think you have seen Friday the 13th think again! There isn’t anything like seeing the movie outdoors at the drive-in with actors dressed as Jason creeping around the drive-in to scare the wits out of you! It is a very neat, pre-Halloween season event that you should definitely go check out.

Plus, I heard from a little bird the Psychomania will be handing out coupons for their haunt as well. So, good movie, getting scared, and haunted savings! Very nice!

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