Fright Night Film Festival Weekend!

Time to get the horror party started early in Louisville! This weekend July 22-24 is the Fright Night Film Festival at the Fern Valley Hotel in Louisville. The Fright Night Film Festival is one of the region’s largest film festivals with TONS of celebrities, movie premieres, vendors, haunted houses, and much more! If you are into horror movies at ALL or even if you’re not, the Fright Night Film Festival is a great way to spend the weekend!

You can meet and get autographs from John Carpenter (who directed Halloween, The Thing, Escape from L.A., just to name a few), Henry Winkler (The Fonz), Kane Hodder (Jason Vorhees), and many more! Then you can party the night away with a masquerade ball and a NUDE body paint show! Even if you’e not into horror, who doesn’t like a nice body paint show?! Best of all, we will have a booth in the vendor hall! So come by and say hello, catch a peep (PUN INTENDED), get some autographs, and have a blast!

Check it out this weekend, to get your tickets visit We’ll see YOU there!!

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