Fright Nights Campout Louisville is coming June 11, 2016!

Fright Nights Kentucky Campout

All of your Summer Camp nightmares come to life at Fright Night’s overnight camping experience that’s creeping the nation!

Ki, Ki, Ki, Ma, Ma, Ma

Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the great outdoors, the call of the wild, the roaring campfire and roasted marshmallows? Are you ready for the blackness of the night forest, the buzzing of chainsaws in the distance and the screams across the lake that are suddenly silenced?

Fright Nights Kentucky Campout

Welcome campers to Fright Nights Campout Louisville! Haunt Master Greg Walker’s nightmare summer camp experience happens for the second time in the Ville next month on June 11. Get registered now at We spoke exclusively to Walker recently to get the gory details on Fright Nights Campout and his career in the fear biz.

“ We’re gearing up for our Fright Nights summer tour,” says Walker, “which currently includes stops in 14 cities across the South and the Midwest and will be expanding across the US going forward.” Indeed, regional stops include Lexington, Nashville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati, but already extend as far as New York City. If you’d like to experience it in multiple cities, visit our Road Trip Attractions Page and find all the cities nearby to get your fright on.

“I got my start in the haunted attraction business with the Hustonville Haunted House in 2006,” says Walker, “and since that time, I’ve expanded the business to Fright Nights Kentucky in Lexington where we have three separate locations and nine total attractions.” Walker Farm, Jacobson Park and Waveland are the three locations that include haunted mansions, haunted forests, haunted hayrides and corn mazes only an hour and a half from Louisville. Read more about the haunts on our Lexington Road Trips Page.

“One of the things I’ve done since getting into the haunt business is to pump up our haunts in Lexington with fresher looks, animatronics, silicone masks and higher tech effects.”

“I didn’t really grow up as a horror fan, and I’m not an expert in the horror genre,” admits Walker whose background is more in business than in ballyhoo, “but I’ve gone out of my way to surround myself with staff who are die-hard horror fans and experts. They make sure I get it right!”

“Right now, I’m really excited about our Fright Nights Campouts, where we take the whole Fright Nights experience on the road and create summer camp nightmares like people have only seen in movies,” explains Walker. “Out in the woods, in a tent, you are so exposed. Sometimes it’s not even what you see, but what you hear out there that really terrifies people. In a tent, you hear EVERYTHING, and you know you’re turn is coming eventually.”

Fright Nights Campout is a complete, 13 hour overnight summer camp experience that includes a cookout dinner and breakfast in the morning, camping games and sports, bonfire and marshmallow roast, provided tents and outdoor horror movie screenings. As far the nightmarish creatures and mad slashers that lurk in the woods beyond the safety of the campfire, prepare yourself for a full contact horror experience unless you elect a tent in the “Pansy Zone,” which is a safe zone where you can take a break, watch a horror movie and escape the terrors in the woods whenever you feel the need.

Otherwise, you can choose the Blood Tent zone, which is a community camping area where you can share the bloody assault with your fellow campers or the dreaded Guts Tent package which gives you a tent in the most secluded area of the woods for the most horrific experience possible. Just FYI, it’s likely your tent will be chainsawed in half before sunrise no matter which location you choose.

Mark your calendar for June 11 and go to for more information and to book your tent for Fright Nights Campout Louisville!

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