Grace (2009)

If you are a woman who is pregnant or planning to be pregnant you might find this film very unsettling. It’s a dark, eerie story about a stillborn baby who’s born dead, and then comes back to life.  The baby dies when the pregnant mother is involved in an unfortunate car accident.  But once born, mysteriously comes back to life.  The mom names her Grace but soon realizes that something is not quite right.  Mommy gets to learn the hard way that her baby doesn’t have a thirst for milk, but instead craves blood! I liked this movie because it’s soo weird that it’s good.  It is really creepy the whole way through and thankfully, it doesn’t turn into a Sci-Fi supernatural.  Also, there is much blood… the movie oozes with blood!  A lot of which is the gross kind associated with child birth.  If squeemish you may want to turn away, it bears a heavy R rating.  However i recommend this film to anyone in the mood for a unique dark thriller.


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