Grand Opening: Local Haunter Opens New Comics & Gaming Store!

Heroes Gaming Baxter Avenue

Heroes Comics & Gaming opens with huge event this Saturday, April 2nd, in the Highlands!


This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, April 2nd and 3rd, marks the Grand Opening of Heroes Comics & Gaming at 361 Baxter Avenue in the Highlands. Get out your best cosplay superhero or anime costume or scariest Halloween costume and get ready for costume contests, hourly giveaways, FREE food and a chance to win a cherry copy of New Mutants 98 (the first appearance of Deadpool)!

There’s a new geek destination in town and a new sheriff too, Kevin Stich, the head haunter behind The Haunted Hotel, one of Louisville’s most popular and longest running seasonal haunted attractions. Also the owner/manager of Siggy’s Pizza Pub at 5620 Barrett Lane, Stich apparently decided there was a need among our nerdy legion that wasn’t being properly filled, so he stepped up to fill it.

What else do we need other than pizza, comics, games and haunted houses, right? Nothing, I tell you!

Unfortunately, while juggling all these businesses, Stich hasn’t had time to train in astral projection with Dr. Strange and can’t be in more than one place at a time, so I met with his business partner and Heroes Comics & Gaming co-owner, Steve Conley, to talk about the inspiration for their latest pop culture endeavor.

“I’ve known Kevin for about 12 years,” admits Conley. “One day he comes up to me and says, ‘How do you feel about opening a new comic book store?’ so I say ‘Sure’.”

“There are comic book stores in town and there are gaming stores in town,” says Conley, “but our idea, with the space we have here, is to be a one-stop-shop for geeks and nerds in Louisville. If you want to come in to buy and talk comics, you can do that. If you want to come in, hang out and play games all day long, you can do that too.”

Indeed, Heroes Comics & Gaming has a huge space full of gaming tables available for any size gaming clubs and a “chill out” corner with sofas by a big screen TV perfect for reading comics or watching the latest Marvel and/or DC blockbusters.

If nature calls or you feel the Force flowing through you, step into the TARDIS, a bathroom disguised as a replica of Doctor Who’s time machine and spacecraft.


Saturday, April 2nd, there will be a cosplay/costume contest with a cash prize. There will be door prize giveaways every hour. FREE food will be available all day. There will be FREE game demos and fifty cent and one dollar comics, and discounts on wall books and back issues.

At 8PM, a CGC 7.5 graded copy of “New Mutants” #98, featuring the first appearance of Deadpool, will be given away. Anyone can enter to win and it’s free to do so. Instructions on entering can be found at Heroes Comics & Gaming website at

Sunday, April 3rd, there will be a FREE Magic the Gathering Draft Tournament beginning at 10 AM. There is no entry fee and every player will receive three FREE packs of cards to compete for a $500 cash first prize. The contest is limited to 120 people, so be sure to stop in and sign up as early as possible.

Heroes Comics and Gaming normal store hours are Monday through Thursday from Noon until 10 PM, Friday and Saturday from Noon until 2 AM and Sunday from Noon until 6 PM.

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