Grim Trails Dares You to Time Travel Back to the Time of Witchcraft in Salem!

Grim Trails

New for Halloween 2016, Grim Trails Haunted Attraction conjures up a new terrifying expedition into the cursed town of Salem!

Since its’ first haunt season four years ago, Grim Trails Haunted Attraction at 12009 Rehl Road in Eastern Jefferson County has always been more than just another haunt, but a terrifying haunted adventure into the twisted dark realm of deranged fairy tales, ancient myths and folk tales. They’ve taken guests through Maleficent’s foreboding castle, into Kaa’s lost jungle temple and down the rabbit hole into the bizarre alternate reality of Wonderland.

This year, co-owners Andrew and Michael Coombs have expanded the trail and the experience to take guests to the late 1600’s and the witchcraft plagued town of Salem.

“I loved ‘The Witch’ (2015),” says Andrew Coombs in reference to the critically acclaimed horror film, “and that might have been the biggest influence on us to create the new Salem area at Grim Trails.”

Grim Trails

The Salem section of the attraction opens up a whole new area of woods in which Coombs’ attraction is built. It includes a massive, two-story witches’ house and an encounter with the Prince of Darkness himself amid twisted trees and a gaggle of witches.

Another brand new section added for Halloween 2016 is something Coombs’ has been planning to build for a couple of years. “When we built Maleficent’s castle for our second season, we always intended to take guests through the castle, into the courtyard and then have them escape through the underground catacombs,” admits Coombs, “but just building the castle itself proved challenging enough and ever since I’ve been disappointed in the version of the catacombs we threw together.”

Andrew’s son, Michael Coombs, who spent weeks building the new witches’ house was also the primary architect of the new and improved (and seriously creepy) catacombs. Now if guests escape the full size fire breathing dragon, they won’t find salvation until they face the unknown terrors waiting for them in the castle catacombs!

That’s not all that’s new either; some of the other popular scenes have been reworked and new props and animatronics have been added, but some things must remain secret until you can experience them yourself starting the weekend of September 16th. Grim Trails is open Friday and Saturday nights starting Sep. 16 through Halloween and tickets are available at their box-office and through Louisville Halloween’s HOPPER Pass which can save you money by purchasing multiple attraction passes on one ticket at

More information about the Louisville Halloween Hopper Pass can be found at

Burn through the witches this Halloween at Grim Trails Haunted Attraction!

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