Grim Trails to take Guests to Transylvania in 2017!

Grim Trails 2017

The owners of Grim Trails Haunted Attraction promise a “very dark, intense and bloody” experience for Halloween 2017.

Grim Trails Haunted Attraction in Jeffersontown will be baring its fangs this next Halloween season, and the father/son owner team of Andrew and Michael Coombs met with me this week to reveal some of their sinister plans for unsuspecting mortals in 2017.

Already deep in the planning stages, the two haunters brought along with them technical sketches and Popsicle stick models of new structures they plan to build this winter/spring and introduce to haunt fans next fall.

2017 Grim Trails

Grim Trails is an outdoor, dark fantasy oriented attraction located in a densely wooded area of Eastern Jefferson County. Unique in its theme of depicting dark and twisted versions of traditional fairy tales, myths and legends, last season Grim Trails introduced a new excursion into the witchcraft plagued town of Salem. This year guests will time travel to another dark period of history to explore the legend of Vlad the Impaler and his mythical connection to the King of Vampires, Count Dracula, in the ancient ruins of his castle in Transylvania.

“This year marks the 120th anniversary of Bram Stoker’sDracula’,” notes Michael Coombs of the original 1897 publication date of the iconic vampire novel. “That was part of the original idea; to tie in the legend of Dracula with the bloody history of Vlad the Impaler for the anniversary of Stoker’s classic.”

“Expect to hear wolves howling in the distance,” says Andrew Coombs, “as you come upon the carriage carrying Jonathan Harker from Borgo Pass to Castle Dracula in the Romanian mountains.” Coombs promises a “bloodier and more intense” experience than ever before in some these new scenes depicting the unspeakable violence of Vlad’s brutality.

Transylvania won’t be the only new scene conjured up for the 2017 haunt season. A new winter scene including a blisteringly cold ice cave is also in development. The new winter scenes will mean that the area that comprises Wonderland will be somewhat condensed to fit the frozen landscape, but even that area is getting an update that includes a new Geppetto’s House full of creepy marionettes according the Coombs haunt duo.

Grim Trails says they are also honored to be part of the Midwest Haunter’s Convention Haunt Tour, alongside The Devil’s Attic and The 7th Street Haunt, this June. Located in Columbus, Ohio, the Midwest Haunter’s Convention offers bus tours to some of the best haunted attractions in this part of the country so that haunt owners from regions beyond can experience these amazing attractions outside of haunt season.

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