Halloween Express Haunts Hurstbourne!

Halloween Express in Hurstbourne has the Biggest Selection of Halloween Costumes, Masks and Décor in the East End!

The days are growing shorter and the shadows are growing longer. All Hallows’ Eve rapidly approaches. Do you know what you’re going to be this Halloween? This is the Phantom of the Ville coming to you from the 10,000 square feet of dark holiday wonderland known as the Halloween Express store at 801 South Hurstbourne Parkway. They’ve got the biggest selection of costumes for all ages in the East End, and a lot of cool props and decorations to check out while you’re browsing.

Halloween Express is based out of Owenton County, KY, and owned and operated by Chasity and Kevin Hill who’ve been part of the franchise since 2005, running the Louisville store for the last couple of years. I spoke to both of them earlier this afternoon about the challenges of running a pop-up Halloween store in the Ville.

“It’s not easy finding a location each year that’s big enough to store the size of inventory we stock,” says Chasity. “We need a much bigger space than just a small storefront.”

“Right,” says Kevin. “We’re only going to be open for six to eight weeks, and we need a space that’s not only going to be big enough, but in a heavy traffic, hoppin’ area so people can find us.”

The Hills have found their dream space this year right next to Barnes & Noble in the Shoppes at Plainview Shopping Center. There’s plenty of room in the 10,000 sq. ft. space to stock all their kids and adults costumes, latex monster masks and animated props as well as a spacious dressing room. There are plenty of choices, but what are the hottest costumes this year?

Minions,” exclaims Chasity. “We can’t keep minion costumes in stock. We’re sold out right now, but we have another large order coming in soon.”

Wizard of Oz is also one of the top selling costume lines this year,” says Kevin. “Superheroes and pirates are still big, and believe it or not, Star Wars is still very popular.”

“We’ve seen a decline in the interest in zombies this year,” says Chasity, “but sexy costumes have never been more popular and we have a lot of them in stock.”

“Zombie costumes and make-up may have seen a little decline in popular interest, but the lunging zombie animated props are huge,” responds Kevin. “Those have been very popular. Anything that lunges out and scares people. Lunging dogs, spiders, rats. People love anything that makes you jump!”

You’ll find all the costumes, rubber masks, plastic machetes, creepy CDs and haunted accessories you could ask for at Halloween Express, just a couple of doors down from the Danger Run starting gate at Lowe’s Home Improvement on Hurstbourne Lane. The store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10AM until 9PM and Sunday from Noon until 6PM. The store phone number is (502)415-8769. The manager’s name is Taylor Gentry and her phone number is (502)352-0421 if you have any questions about inventory. Now, it’s time to get ready! Halloween is almost here.

The Phantom of The Ville

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