Haunted By Costume Ideas

Every year, we are all faced with a question that plagues our minds…what do I want to be for Halloween? It is a difficult decision to make to have the PERFECT costume. Some years we want to stand out, other years we want to fade into the crowd. Some years we want something funny, sometimes sexy, other years we want to be vile and scary. The question ultimately becomes, if you could be ANYTHING for a night…just one night, what would it be?

Personally, I tend to lean towards the scary side of things. Put me in something rotting or something bloody and I’m good. Maybe it’s a guy thing? On the other hand, women tend to lean towards something sexy. Even if the costume is a sexy costume, it is always more fun to give it a scary twist. Many ladies want to be a Playboy bunny or some other sexy little number. Why not change it up and be a Playboy bunny zombie? It then becomes a multifaceted idea and you can get even more creative with it. For instance, many Playboy models have implants. As a Playboy zombie, the implants could be rotting off of your chest. Is it twisted? Sure, but it adds more to your costume!

However, I have been known to do the occasional funny costume as well. The best thing about humorous costumes is that in most cases you can create them in the comfort of your own home. If you are low on funds, this is the way to go! You don’t need any fancy make-up, just stuff you have laying around the house. Or you can always head to a local consignment shop and get a costume on the cheap. For example, a friend of mine found a purple jogging suit (which I am convinced was women’s clothing) which fit him quite snuggly. He used it to turn himself into “The Jesus” from the Big Lebowski. It was completely ridiculous, but extremely funny. Even better, one of my other friends came as Walter! It was a perfect combo. Had I known I certainly would have been The Dude!

Of course, kids’ costumes are always fun to conjure up as well.¬ The best thing about their costumes is that you can make them look as ridiculous as you want and there is little they can do about it. It’s like Ralphie’s pink bunny outfit in A Christmas Story. That’s all part of the fun of dressing up your kids for Halloween though! That is until they get old enough to pick out their own costumes.

So, there really is no limit to costume ideas. My only suggestion is try to put a twist on a popular idea. It gives your costume a fresh look and it makes it a lot more fun to put together. That is of course what it’s all about! Have fun coming up with your costume this year!!! If you’re looking for stores to shop around at, make sure to visit our costumes page! If you need help brainstorming costume ideas, feel free to post a message on our Facebook page (facebook.com/louisvillehalloween) or send a tweet to @lvillehalloween!

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