Louisville Haunted Houses

Below you will find a list of the Louisville area professional haunted houses and attractions. Louisville offers a variety of haunted houses to visit during the Halloween season. They vary in size, detail, and scariness. Some haunts are oriented for families, others are more extreme in nature. Whatever the case may be, haunted houses in Louisville are top notch.

Over the years, Louisville Halloween has visited all the local attractions and have even visited attractions within the region. We’ve experience every style of haunt from boutique to large, mega haunt. What we have learned in our travels is that it isn’t always the size and amount of spectacle that make a good haunt. In fact, we would say that it is more common that the smaller, boutique attractions are scarier than the large, mega haunts. It all comes down to throughput and the individual experience offered. The more personalized and intimate the attraction, the better the experience you will have overall.

Of course, it is ALWAYS going to be cool to visit a MEGA haunt. There is so much to look at that it becomes overwhelming and you can’t possibly take it all in. We will always recommend hitting a mega haunt at least once in your life!


Danger Run - Louisville with 2 hauntsLegend at Pope Lick Escape GoatmanAmerican HorrorplexCulbertson MansionDevil's AtticBlack OrchardHaunted HotelMalice Manor