Haunted Necropolis on Crown Top

Outdoor haunt of over 20 years, Located in the Barbourmeade Neighborhood,and since 2005 has grown to include many animated props. The haunt grows each year to include new props and enhancements to previous years props. New for 2014 is a “The Weeping Bride”. The mischievous skeletons that haunt the yard seem to find themselves in different situations each year. Poor Henry who has lived in the haunt for more than 20 years must put up Dead Bride as she cry’s and whimpers for her lost love. The “Companion” watches over the necropolis with deadly conviction, towering over all who visit. “Uncle Ed” enjoys the safety of his tombstone while he watches the visitors walking up and down the street. “Emily” greets the visitors with an enchanting song as they venture closer to heart of the Haunt. Take care to visit from a distance as those who become too involved have found themselves as part of the Haunt. Sally has joined us this year as the youngest lost soul in the yard. Listen for her cries for attention as the giant spider looks on.

Location: 7810 Crown Top Rd, Louisville, KY

Dates: Oct 31, 2018

Price: FREE – bring a nonperishable food item

Website: Click Here

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