Hummus Pumpkin Patch

For those of you looking for a healthy Halloween treat, try adding carrot skewers to your favorite hummus plate. Add a little parsley and you have a pumpkin patch! Hummus is a favorite of mine so I am always happy to find new ways to use it.

1 pkg Hummus
2 carrots or pre-cut package of carrots
1 green onion
1 bunch fresh parsley

Slice the carrots and attach some parsley leaves to the carrot with a toothpick. Slide a piece of green onion over the toothpick so it will have the look of a stem and arrange on a bed of hummus. Serve chilled.

Using pre-cut/packaged carrots will save you time and I think they look cuter because they aren’t as uniform as the sliced carrots so they look more like real pumpkins.

Scream Queen

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