It Ain’t Over Yet: The Last Screams of Halloween 2017 (Nov. 3 – Nov. 4)

Deathly Holler Yard Haunt, The Haunted Hotel’s Lights Out: Zombie Outbreak and Fear Fair’s Blackout keep the last pumpkins lit during the first weekend of November!

Just when you thought the flickering flames of the last jack-o-lantern had been extinguished, the last fog machine turned off and the last smudge of theatrical make-up beneath your eyelids had finally scrubbed off in the shower, the haunting season strikes back for one last scare. That’s just how this town rolls.

This Friday and Saturday night, Nov. 3rd and 4th, we’ve got three late season events for you to choose from that will help you chase away the Post Halloween Blues.

Deathly Holler Haunted Attraction: Local yard haunter/would be pro haunter, Nick Peak, says his attraction “has just about everything people fear from clowns to chainsaws to dark woods to even darker hallways. We plan to give people the scare of their lives.” You must sign a waiver to enter and ticket price is only $3. Deathly Holler Haunted Attraction will be open Friday, Nov. 3 from 7 PM until 11 PM. You’ll find it in John Paul Ct., Louisville, KY 40229.

The Haunted Hotel presents Light’s Out: Zombie Outbreak: A zombie virus outbreak has spread across the city, all the power is out, and you must take refuge inside the Haunted Hotel. Unfortunately, it’s infested with the living dead and you have to navigate the twists and turns in complete darkness. You also have to sign a waiver here and you WILL absolutely be touched. Groups of only three or less are sent in at a time. This special event takes place Saturday night ONLY, Nov. 4 from 8 PM until 11 PM, 3000 S 4th St. Tickets are $25.

Fear Fair presents Blackout: Just a bit further out in Seymour, IN, Fear Fair is keeping Halloween alive one more weekend on both Friday and Saturday nights, Nov. 3 & 4, from 8 PM until the clock strikes midnight. A General Admission Ticket of $25 gets you the full Fear Fair experience except with all the house lights turned off and only a single glow stick to light your way through this massive haunt. You’ll find Fear Fair at A Avenue East in Seymour, IN.

That’s it, haunt fans. Until next year, the only haunted house you’ll find open might be your own—

The Phantom of The Ville

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