Jefferson Community College

This structure was originally constucted in 1903 to house the Louisville Prebyterian Theological Seminary. In 1968 it was remodeled and became Jefferson Community College. The ghost that walks these halls is believed to be Lucy Sites Barrett. It was her husband that built the building in his wife’s memory. It is said that Lucy spends most of her time in the old library where a fireplace bears the inscription of her memory. Lucy is guilty of shaking doorknobs, causing footsteps with no one to be seen, and moving the elevator up and down with no passengers. The most eerie part of her haunting is the notes she sometimes leaves on the marble topped fireplace. Parchments bearing the words “I am still with you” and the initials LSB can be found in the old library. Lucy is not said to be mean or evil, she just seems to be happy in this place meant for her.

Scream Queen

Location: 109 East Broadway

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