Jennifer’s Body (2009)

If Megan Fox wanted to prove that she has no acting ability what-so-ever and is really only a pretty face and hot body….well, then kudos to her.  She plays a high school beauty that is killed and transformed into a demon whose appetite is only sustained when she feeds on high school boys.  Of course, being Megan Fox she uses her sex appeal to lure them into their own death.  If you’re not snoring yet, then please continue reading.

The only reason for watching a movie filled with bad acting skills and ketch-up style blood and gore is to catch a glimpse of the hot actress naked.  Sorry about your luck, but the only time Megan bares it all is a skinny dipping scene where, of course, there is no peek-a-boob to be had.  Jennifer’s Body was a disgrace to the horror genre.  It was poorly written and even more poorly executed.  Don’t waste your time.

Scream Queen

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