Lassiter Haunted Trail

This is a large haunted trail hosted by Lassiter Middle School in Louisville, KY. This is a charity event held on the grounds of Lassiter Middle School in Louisville, KY in which all proceeds go to help families in the community that are struggling. Despite being a charity event, this haunt is not for the faint of heart. It is an intense haunted attraction. If you are looking for a good scare and would like to do your part to help the community, visit the Lassiter Haunted Trail.

Location: 8200 Candleworth Dr Louisville, KY

Dates: Oct 19-20, 2018

Price: $10

Website: Click Here

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One Review for “Lassiter Haunted Trail”

  1. Sicily says:

    I love how this is still going strong. The first year they did this, the VERY FIRST group included a girl who had peed her pants. I loved it. Good job keeping it going Acree! I’m sure its only gotten better each year.