Louisville Halloween’s Second Annual Job Fair is this Saturday, Aug. 6th at Fourth Street LIVE!

Louisville Halloween Job Fair

Scare up a job this fall at the Louisville Halloween Job Fair!

Please join me at the séance table as we dim the lights and attempt to contact as many like-minded spirits as possible to join us in the business of scaring the bodily fluids out of the unsuspecting public this Halloween season! If you’ve ever wanted to share your love of the orange-and-black holiday or wondered what it was like to work in a haunted house, this is your chance to meet all the owners and operators of the best haunts in the Kentucky/Southern Indiana area in one place.

Now hold hands, look into the crystal ball, deal the tarot cards and concentrate on the Ouija board. We’re calling out to YOU! Please join us this SATURDAY, AUGUST 6th at FOURTH STREET LIVE in downtown Louisville between 11 AM and 4 PM.

Come dressed in business casual or in your favorite Halloween makeup and costume. We’re looking for “scareactors,” makeup artists, set builders, security, ticket booth operators, administrative, dancers and even pizza makers. There are plenty of positions that need to be filled!

Louisville Halloween Job Fair

The first 100 applicants to show up will get a FREE Louisville Halloween t-shirt. Everyone who shows up will get a FREE goody bag and be registered to win really good ALICE COOPER tickets the following night at the Louisville Palace Theater on Sunday. Must be present to win!

There will also be FREE special effects and monster makeup demonstrations going on all day that you may elect to participate in. The schedule is as follows: The 7th Street Haunt Makeup Demo 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM; The Devil’s Attic Makeup Demo 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM; Asylum Haunted Scream Park Makeup Demo 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM; The Haunted Hotel Makeup Demo 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM.


The Louisville Halloween Parade and Festival: We’re looking for up to 300 volunteers to help us put on the biggest and most elaborate Halloween Parade in the Highlands in its 14 year history. We will also be debuting a new Halloween Street Festival to include face painting and makeup, food, mini-haunts, artists, vendors, bands and entertainment.

Danger Run: There are many positions available for scareactors, makeup artists, sales and administration. The starting gates are looking for staff and there will be a new, full sized haunt based on a local urban legend that should be an exciting opportunity.

Nightmare Forrest: This outdoor haunt in Otter Creek Park that takes guests through many of the greatest horror films ever made is looking for a variety of scareactors and team members to fill its five separate attractions.

The 7th Street Haunt: Now the largest indoor haunt in Kentucky, the 7th Street Haunt includes its original attraction, Fort Harmony’s Revenge, and the new high tech haunt, The Experiment, under one roof next door to Expo Five.

Asylum Haunted Scream Park: One of the largest haunted attractions in the region, Asylum now includes five major attractions that need scareactors, set builders and other team members. There are both indoor and outdoor haunts at Asylum.

The Devil’s Attic: This attraction takes guests from primordial evil through horror classics of literature and screen to, eventually, the scariest of modern horror villains. They’re hiring scareactors and a variety of other team members.

Grim Trails: This dark fantasy oriented haunted forest in the J-town area includes some of the most elaborate sets and special effects in the local haunt business. They are looking for a variety of team members including scareactors.

Fear Fair: Although located about an hour outside of Louisville city limits in Seymour, IN, Fear Fair has consistently been one of the best haunted attractions anywhere for the last 10 years and they’re looking for new team members to join their ghastly crew.

The Haunted Hotel: Louisville’s longest running haunted attraction is also its most extreme. Touching is allowed at the Haunted Hotel and they’re looking for this area’s most extreme maniacs to put the fear into their guests.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Haunted House: This iconic and infamous building hidden in the dense woods off of Dixie Highway is, literally, one of the scariest and most haunted places in the country. If you’ve ever wanted to work in a real haunted building, this is your chance. They’re looking for a variety of team members, including scareactors.

Terpsichore Dance Company: This local dance company is looking for new performers to join them in their annual performances of Michael Jackson’sThriller” in the Louisville Halloween Parade and at various events and attractions all over town.

Wick’s Pizza Parlor: Even ghosts and goblins love pizza! Wick’s has been a Louisville Halloween sponsor for years now and they’ll be on site looking for new employees for all of their restaurant locations.

What’s that? Something seems to be forming out of green fog in the corner of our séance room! There it is. It’s here! It’s your opportunity to join our haunt family this Halloween! Don’t let it evaporate into thin air! Be there at Fourth Street Live this Saturday, Aug. 6th between 11 AM and 4 PM.

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