This Weekend is Packed with The International Festival of Magic, a Screening of
“Robocop” with a Live Score by Ultra Pulverize and Some Great Spooky Guests at

Hey, Louisville Halloween Fans, it’s The Phantom
of the Ville here in my secret sanctum practicing my astral projection skills to
get ready for this weekend. I’ll need to be in more than once place at a time if
I hope to experience all the thrills being offered in Louisville this Friday
through Sunday. Here’s a quick preview to help you plan your weekend!

The Louisville International Festival of Magic,
Illusion and the Unusual (June 14th – June 16th ): Two of
the world’s most famous magicians, and both Louisville natives, Lance Burton and
Mac King, will be in town hosting the largest gathering of magicians and
illusionists in the world for magic shows, lectures and secrets shows of the
unusual all weekend long. Lance Burton just ended a 20 year career as Las Vegas’
most popular magician and Mac King, the undisputed king of magic comedy, also
has his own Vegas show. Both also got their careers started working as the house
magician at Caufield’s Novelty!

Perhaps the biggest show during the weekend, which
will be hosted by both Burton and King, is the Festival Gala Show which takes
place Saturday night at 8PM at the Brown Theater. Five of the world’s greatest
illusionists will join them for a variety of acts. Other shows and lectures are
taking place all over downtown from the Baron Theater in the Whiskey Row Lofts
to the Marriott to the Garage Bar to the Galt House. There are far too many
shows happening for me to detail them all here, and I recommend you go to the
Festival’s website at for show
information and tickets.

“Robocop” with LIVE score by Ultra Pulverize (June
15th ): If you’re a fan of one of the goriest sci-fi films ever made,
Robocop” (1987), there’s a special screening of the film this Saturday night,
June 15th, at the Clifton Center at 11PM as part of the Flyover Film
Festival. One of Louisville’s most interesting and eclectic bands, Ultra
Pulverize, will be providing a LIVE, electronic re-score to accompany the film.
Ultra Pulverize has been one of my favorite local bands for several years, and
this is a one time event you won’t want to miss! The Clifton Center is located
at 2117 Payne Street.

VinylFest (June 14th – June
16th ): This is the first year for this vinyl record collector’s show
at the Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Hotel at 830 Phillips Lane. Most of the
best spooky records from my childhood, like Disney’s “Chilling, Thrilling Sounds
of the Haunted House” (the last record I bought from ear-x-tacy, by the way),
still only exist on the vinyl format. This is a great place to seek out some of
those lost treasures. The attending guests will also be of interest to
Louisville Halloween fans.

Fantasy artist, Ken Kelly, who may be most famous
for creating the iconic art for the KISS albums, “Destroyer” and “Love Gun,” has
also designed album covers for Manowar, Rainbow and many other rock bands. He
also painted the covers for a number of popular issues of “Famous Monsters of
Filmland.” Ken will be at the show all weekend.

William Stout may be the most famous bootleg album
cover artist in the world. His movie posters for films such as “Wizards” and
Rock n’ Roll High School” are some of the most iconic images in the world of
cult cinema. He has worked as production designer on dozens of films including
Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Men in Black,” “Predator” and, perhaps most famously to
Louisville fans, “Return of the Living Dead.” Stout designed the entire look of
the film including the infamous Tarman zombie. He will be at the show all
weekend. Check out the VinylFest website at for more information.

Get out there in the Ville and experience as much
of this magic and mayhem as you possibly can, and I’ll see you next week for
more news of the weird and unusual!

The Phantom of The Ville

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