Palace Theatre

There is a haunted legend to the Palace Theatre that dates back to the 1990s restoration and reopening. It was during this time that workers began to see a man at a variety of places around the building. An older man, wearing work clothes, his hair in a flat top and wearing older style glasses. One worker swore that as he walked across the stage he saw the older man sitting in the balcony, leaning over looking at him. Another, while painting the ceiling on scaffolding, had fallen asleep. He related that he heard a voice in his ear telling him to “wake up”. Which he did, looking around he noticed that he was near the edge of the scaffolding, about to roll off. Had the spectral voice apparently saved him from plunging to his death? Other workers have avowed they have heard whistling, and have seen a name scribbled in the dust in the basement. Maintenance problems seem to be among the most common activities. At odd times the projectors will malfunction, doors will open, and unseen footsteps are heard walking, making the rounds late at night.

Interestingly enough, the chief engineer of The Loews United Artists Theater, a man named Ferdinand “Fred” Frisch, died of a massive heart attack in his basement office on October 27, 1965. Mr. Frisch had worked at Loews for almost 40 years, having relocated to Louisville from New Jersey and the merchant marines. Could this be his ghost roaming the theater he knew so well? On a wall in the basement, near where his office was once located there is a picture of Fred Frisch. Many workers that have encountered whatever spirit roams the Palace say that the man in the photo is their spectral visitor. The work uniform, the flat top hair, the glasses all identical.

Not exactly what you think about when you think of Louisville’s beautiful Palace Theatre. The next time you are there for a show, be sure to look for the man with the flat top hair…you may be sitting next to a ghost!

Location: Palace Theatre Louisville, KY

Price: Depends upon the show

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