Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

While the haunting season has begun, there are many out there that do not like haunts and just enjoy spending time with their family doing Halloween related activities. Or maybe you like haunts AND family Halloween activities. A great way you can spend time with your family this Halloween season is by taking a trip to one of the many farms to pick out your perfect pumpkin. With so many great places to go, finding that special pumpkin should be a snap…er thump, depending on your perspective! Personally, I have always been fond of the trip to Huber’s in beautiful Starlight, Indiana, but we all have our favorite places we like to go.


We thought we’d give you a little insight on how you can pick out the best pumpkin in the patch (or the store).

  • First, check the color. Most mature pumpkins will be a bright orange color. Stay away from the pumpkins that are more yellow in color because this often indicates immaturity. White pumpkins are a little trickier since they are white no matter what age. Use your best judgment.
  • Next, make sure to feel for soft spots. Like any fruit or vegetable, a soft spot is an indication of rotting and is bad when you’re trying to pick the perfect, long lasting pumpkin. It could mean the pumpkin has been dropped or damaged or it could even indicate a disease. Stay away from these pumpkins.
  • Finally, check the stem of the pumpkin. On a good pumpkin, the stem of the pumpkin should support the weight of the pumpkin. That doesn’t mean it is okay to use the stem as a handle. Stress can cause the stem to break, plus when ripe the stems can be rather painful to your hands. Make sure you choose a pumpkin with a green stem, not one with a withered, brown stem.
  • If you follow these simple rules, you too can have a perfect pumpkin this Halloween season! Happy Picking!

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