Population 436 (2006)

Population 436 tells the story of a Census worker visiting the small, rural town of Rockwell Falls to investigate the cause of it's never changing population.  The southern town is self-governed and is almost completely cut off from the rest of the world.  The census worker finds it's inhabitants seem brainwashed and believe they're living in 'The Most Perfect Place On Earth'.  Unlucky for him, once you enter You Cannot Leave!  Upon knowing the plot, you instantly realize this movie has the potential to be really bad.  Surprisingly, it turns out being a lot better than expected.  Being a low budget film, I really like their approach on making it.  Its not over-the-top southern or confederate like you may suspect.  The concept is more authentic and gloomy.  It has a certain kind of Stephen King aura to it.  And although it's not a Horror movie, there is a pretty awesome death scene in it that sticks out.  The story has nice structure, it easily sustained my attention the entire way thru.  The acting comes off very believable, even from Fred Durst (yep, Mr. limp bizkit is in it).  And I liked how they did an unpredictable ending.  As this was a straight to DVD film, it flies largely under the radar.  Which made it an awesome movie to discover.  If you havnt seen it, definitely check it out.


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