RIP Psychomania

Rest In Peace Psychomania Theater of Terror

Coming up on it’s 5th season of scaring Louisvillians, this week Psychomania Theater of Terror was met with an unthinkable tragedy. After working late in the night preparing new scares for the 2012 season, the owners of Psychomania were struck early Tuesday morning with a call that their building had caught fire. The cause is still unclear, but it suspected to be an electrical fire.

The once thriving business which the Psychomania team had put so much blood, sweat and tears into had been completely destroyed. It is a terrible occurrence and an enormous loss to the haunt community. The owners of Psychomania have been creating haunts in this area for over 15 years and in an instant over a decade of work had gone up in flames. In this time of tragedy, please keep the Psychomania team in your thoughts as they struggle through this very difficult time.

An online ‘Rebuild a Nightmare’ fund has been started by another local haunter. If you can help at all, every little bit will help them try to create a new haunt to start scaring the heck out of you again. You can find the fund at

Also, there is a Candlelight Vigil and Fundraiser planned for Saturday, March 3, 2012 at the burial ground of Psychomania. It is located at the Greentree Mall. Anyone that can join celebrate the memories shared at this once great Louisville haunt is urged to come. We hope to see you there. You will be missed Psychomania – Theater of Terror!

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