Scary, Good, Fun.

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What is Scary Good Fun

When you see this logo this Halloween, you can rest assured that you’re attending an attraction that’s just as committed to safety as it is to scaring the $*#@ out of you.

Scary, Good, Fun. is a coalition of Halloween haunts and attractions in Kentuckiana committed to providing an experience that is as safe as it is scary. Organized and run by a group of attraction owners with more than 60 years of combined experience, the group believes in creating bone-chilling scares in a safe, controlled environment. All Scary, Good, Fun. haunts aim to give visitors an unforgettable, frightening and fun Halloween that will leave them coming back for years to come.

What Scary, Good, Fun. means?

It means a haunt that is run by trained, experienced Halloween professionals who know how to make you scream while keeping you safe. They create a spine-tingling experience without compromising your well-being. You can expect Hollywood-style scares done by experienced, trained professionals in a fun, safe environment.

Will it still be SCARY?

Yes, very scary. We believe in engaging the imaginations of our guests and creating a suspenseful, frightening, spine-tingling attraction. We want you to leave knowing you had a good scare, but also a great time.

Scary Good Fun Monster

What to expect at a Scary, Good, Fun. Attraction

  • These participating attractions understand that most people are looking for a Halloween experience that is simply, Scary, Good, Fun.
  • Halloween should be as much of a family-tradition as Thanksgiving and Christmas. These attractions are intended to be enjoyed with groups and are a great activity for families who love a good scare.
  • This coalition of Kentuckiana haunts is dedicated to providing visitors with a high-level, scary experience that is also safe and fun for the entire family to enjoy.
  • Ticket holders won’t know what frights to expect from the haunt but can be confident in the fact that it will be done in a safe environment.
  • These attractions are run by seasoned, experienced professionals and many of the actors at each haunt have worked behind the scenes for years.
  • Attractions work tirelessly year-round to create amazing sets, train actors and design cutting-edge scares and affects.
  • Each haunt takes all necessary precautions to ensure a safe experience by having police and emergency services on site. As always though, the haunts have individual recommendations on who is not advised to attend for health reasons including pregnant women, people with a heart condition or asthma as well as those with epilepsy or light sensitivities.
  • While not recommended for small children, parents can feel safe attending with their school-age children as well as comfortable with older kids attending on their own.