Seelbach Hilton

A stay at The Seelbach Hilton Hotel will never be described as ordinary. Appearing on the National Register of Historical Places, this 4-diamond luxury hotel is considered the premiere hotel in the state of Kentucky. Built in 1905, it is considered a landmark to “the golden era” with its grand ambiance inspiring author F. Scott Fitzgerald to use The Seelbach as a backdrop for Tom and Daisy Buchanan’s wedding in The Great Gatsby. Even Al Capone stayed at the Seelbach during his stops to the Ville during his moonshine runs to Eastern Kentucky in the prohibition era. During your visit, see if you can sneak a peak at the Rathskeller. It was one of Capone’s favorite rooms and thought to have been a speak easy at the time. It is one of the only rooms in the U.S. to be constructed entirely out of rook wood and the Bavarian architecture is incredible!

The Seelbach Hilton is also home to one of Louisville’s finest dining spots aptly named The Oakroom. Once the gambling scene of the hotel back in it’s hay day, this beautiful, wood room is now a 5-diamond restaurant serving some of the best food in downtown Louisville.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a historic hotel without it’s own ghost! But you can read more about that on our Haunted Places page. The Seelbach is one of the most historic and beautiful hotels in Louisville. If you are looking for a plush experience, this place is HIGHLY recommended.

Location: 500 S 4th St, Louisville, KY

Price: $$$

Website: Click Here

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