Sleepy Hollow

No, not the headless horseman story. Sleepy Hollow is a road that is so isolated and dark that the only light to guide you is your headlights and the moon. The tree line casts creepy shadows over the road so that it is hard to see anything else.There are many stories tied to Sleepy Hollow. The most well known is that of the black hearse.  It is said that while driving a black hearse will appear out of nowhere and start following you. The hearse continues to pick up speed scaring the driver and causing many cars to run off the road and plumet down the 30-foot ravine that borders the road. Another story is that of Cry-Baby bridge. There used to be a covered bridge that stood there. Now it has been replaced by a more modern bridge. It has been told that women settlers would discard of sick and unwanted babies into the creek below the bridge. If you stand on the side of the bridge during a clear full moon, you can hear the cries of the discarded souls.

Scream Queen

Location: Oldham County, KY

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  1. chris says:

    I live in country side a neighborhood not to far from sleepy hollow. One night in high school I was coming home late at night from my friends house. I had taken this way home a hundred times and still take it every now and then. Anyways it was very dark and my headlights were on all of a sudden I saw this black figure hauling ass down the hill, which being a level headed person I assumed was a black trash bag or something. However it didn’t get caught on any of the trees it was passing, before I knew it it had hit the front of my car and by hit idk what I mean because it made no sound. As fast as it had came it had gone right in front on my face (through the windshield of course) and then down the hill. Idk what I saw but it wasn’t a bag it was.. Well idk what it was but it scared the hell out of me.