Sorority House Massacre (1986)

In Sorority House Massacre we follow Beth (Angela O’Neill) as she goes to the sorority house of some friends after the death of the aunt that raised her. Immediately, Beth starts having weird visions and dreams of a psycho with a knife killing people in the house. We come to learn that the family that lived in the house before it was a sorority was murdered by one of the children. The eldest son stabbed the entire family to death except one sister who was able to escape by hiding in the basement. I’m sure you’ve guessed that the only sister to escape was Beth who doesn’t remember a thing about the murders because she has blocked it from her memory. Being back in the house where it all took place brings on the nightmares. Her brother, who has been locked in a mental institute since the murders senses her presence in the old house because of their family bond and manages to escape to finish the job. No, I’m not reviewing Halloween, but this movie definitely borrows some major story lines from it. After his escape the brother returns to the sorority house and the “massacre” ensues.

Unfortunately, this movie was missing a major chunk of its title….The actual massacre. In trying to build the story line, which director and writer Carol Frank successfully did for a campy thriller, she left out the killings. The killings happen in the movie but they are short, not bloody, not scary, and anti-climactic. In my opinion, the most irritating thing about this movie was the death scenes. When sorority girls are stabbed, they scream right? Well, not in this one. The kills had no emotion. No screaming from the victim, no anger from the boyfriend that just watched.

I can’t say this is a good movie. I can’t actually even say it’s worth watching once. I can say it was kind of fun to watch and make fun of.

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