Speed Art Museum

The Speed Art Museum was established by Harriet (Hattie) Bishop speed, the second wife of JB Speed, in 1927. It was created as a memorial for her late husband who never loved her quite as much as her loved his first wife, Cora. Hattie was always very jealous of Cora. Hattie loved the arts and she donated many pieces to the museum that her and JB had collected together. Hattie was a perfectionist and liked to supervise every little thing. It seems as though she has not lost that trait in death. She can be found keeping herself busy in the evening hours after the museum has closed. Employees have reported seeing Hattie in a white dress floating through the museum looking at art. Her cloudy figure has even been spotted by the security cameras. A security guard made the mistake of falling asleep and awoke to find Hattie herself staring at him with concern. As I mentioned earlier, Hattie was extremely jealous of her husband’s first wife.  he label identifying the “Cora” portrait keeps being peeled off the wall when nobody is around. Even the portrait of Cora has been reported as being removed by Hattie. Hattie was known for wearing rose water, and that aroma can be found all though the museum, especially in the Kentucky Room. This was Hattie’s favorite room, and she can often be detected there.

Scream Queen

Location: Louisville, KY

Price: Free, $4 donation is encouraged.

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