The 7th Street Haunt Review 2016

7th Street Haunt

The 7th Street Haunt delivers 25,000 square feet of terror-ific fun in Fort Harmony’s Revenge and The Experiment this Halloween!

Five years of seasoning has turned owner/operator Travis Boling’s little “old school haunt” into the largest indoor haunt in the region with 25,000 square feet of unbridled mayhem lurking within, landing it on Scare Factor’s customer voted Top 31 Must See Haunts in the nation list. This year both attractions, Fort Harmony’s Revenge and The Experiment, have added new scenes and twists and, for fans and regular customers, have grown and developed preexisting characters.

For example, last year’s popular cave dwelling ghoul, Azreal, in Fort Harmony has transformed from the childlike imp seen in the 2015 version of the attraction into a full grown and much more aggressive creature with huge hornlike appendages growing out of his shoulders. Instead of playing hide and go seek with guests, he is now seeking them out with a much more sinister purpose.

Gary, the haunt’s resident serial killer, has gone from obsessing over his beloved Jill to obsessing over Reba McEntire!

7th Street Haunt

Fort Harmony’s Revenge continues its standing tradition as an actor driven “old school” haunt, featuring upwards of 40 to 50 live actors scaring patrons throughout the haunt every night, but the production design has been given another boost in 2016 due to many of the talented scenic and makeup artists working behind the scenes to create a unique world within the confines of the Expo Five center. An intriguing new character in the schoolhouse scene is made up entirely of pages from the books in the classroom. The intimidating vampire vixen, Lilith, is a new character that greets guests at the entrance to Hell.

Over in The Experiment, owner/operator Todd Stephens’high tech” side of the twisted coin, a brand new and enormous crumbling manse façade welcomes guests to the Nevermore Doll Factory, which is the infamous Dr. Jenkins’ lair where he conducts experiments at bringing life size dolls to life. There is a secret, subterranean tunnel that leads from Jenkins’ decrepit factory to St. Mary’s Hospital and Morgue where Jenkins conducts even more insidious experiments on human subjects.

Stephen’s side of The 7th Street Haunt includes hundreds of thousands of dollars in high tech scare devices and animatronics and just like he did last season, he intends to add more every weekend throughout the season, meaning that if you go through The Experiment multiple times on different weekends, there will always be something new to surprise and frighten you.

These two vastly different haunt experiences complement each other perfectly making the 7th Street Haunt’s $28 combo ticket the best value for your money (each attraction is $20 for a single ticket). There is a $4 discount available with a military or school ID. Operating hours are from 8 PM until 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays and from 8 PM until 10:30 PM on Sundays in October.

The 7th Street Haunt is the originator of Haunters Against Hate, an organization that unites over 20 haunted attractions in the Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio region in the fight against bigotry and discrimination with regards to sexual orientation and gender identity. For more information about Haunters Against Hate, read our article on the subject on the Louisville Halloween website at

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