The Brown Hotel

You may not get a restful night’s sleep if you stay at The Brown Hotel. Stories have been told of Mr. Brown and his loveable poodle Woozem. When Woozem was deserted by the circus, Mr. Brown adopted the dog and lavished it with actual silver spoons. It has been reported by guests and employees that sometimes they can hear a dog barking in the lobby, but when they look around, there is no dog to be found. It is also reported that little Woozem can be heard scratching on doors and running through the kitchen.

James Graham Brown loved his life and his hotel. If you ask some employees, they will tell you Mr. Brown still resides on the 15th floor of the hotel. Footsteps can be heard up there but nobody can be found. Several guests of the hotel that have stayed on the 14th floor have complained that they didn’t sleep well because someone was walking around above them all night. Of course, there are no guest rooms on the 15th floor, only storage for old chairs and mattresses, so who’s walking around up there?

Scream Queen

Location: 335 W Broadway, Louisville, KY

Price: Cost of the room

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